Music in the Parks


For years, Barcelona’s green spaces have been filled with music in summer, offering all kinds of public quality music in a natural and relaxed atmosphere. These cycles promote the development of young players and the use of public spaces for social use also during summer nights.

The programming of these free summer concerts includes specially classical music, jazz and sessions by the Barcelona Municipal Band and this year, in which the festival turns 20 years old, will conclude on September 4th with a concert on Les Glòries square by Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra. This band, which promises originality and fun, plays the traditional music of the gypsies and eastern European Jews with great passion and personality.

The concerts take place in 23 different venues around the city, including: Ciutadella Park, the Park of Aigües del Guinardó, Barceloneta Park, Turo Park, the Gardens of Montbau, Joan Miró Park and Gardens of Joan Maragall at the Albeniz Mansion, among others. All these are green spaces for public enjoyment in which social interaction and coexistence is promoted.

Visit the Barcelona City Hall website to check the wonderful and extensive program for this year’s cycle.  Omm Hotel Spa Barcelona encourages you to get close to the natural areas of the city and enjoy the music that the local talents provide.