The neighborhood of Gracia celebrates its holidays

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

This August 15 starts the holidays of Gracia, a neighborhood of Barcelona with a genuinely Catalan essence located a few meters from Hotel Omm. These are very special holidays, which attract thousands of curious during its 6 days of celebration.

The Festa Major de Gracia

In this new edition, the celebrations of Gracia are double, because it also celebrates their 200 years of history. Moreover, as every year, they will try to bring to anyone who is encouraged to walk through its streets between the days 15 and 21 of August to know the historical and social tradition of this beautiful district of Barcelona.

These parties organized with the collaboration of all the neighbors of the area and that is why during the previous months all residents work side by side to achieve the expected result. Distributed by zones, in the Festa Major de Gracia the neighborhood associations takes care of the most striking part of this celebration, dressing its streets with decorations of various motifs.

The graced streets of Gracia

Because if there is something that identifies these parties is, without hesitation, the atmosphere of its streets, its balconies and portals, everything covered with a multitude of colors.

Each street painted with a different decorative theme, using various materials and recycled. The motives change every year but always focus on the values of tradition, creativity, participation, recycling and social cohesion.

However, if you intend to go to the fiestas of Gracia to enjoy at first hand the atmosphere breathed in these decorated streets, we recommend that you come during the first few days to be able to contemplate the decorations in their entire splendor.

Once installed in your comfortable room of our luxury hotel in Barcelona we encourage you to stroll around this neighborhood, endowed with a unique and colorful appearance during these days. Undoubtedly, the fiestas of Gracia will form part of a good memory of your time in Barcelona.