New dishes in Roca Moo


Roca Moo’s team has two maximums: to use only the best seasonal products and to be constantly researching for new and surprising gastronomic proposals. Traditional recipes serve as inspiration and are then reinterpreted using the team’s creativity, influences from all over the world and modern techniques, considering contemporary flavors and tastes. “And it’s like writing a poem, but with food,” says Rafa Panatieri, the chef of our Michelin star gastronomic restaurant in Barcelona. 

This is why Roca Moo’s menu seems to have a life of its own. It is not something static nor stable, but an essence that changes and enriches its offer every new season, incorporating new dishes that are born in our kitchen or that come directly from world famous El Celler de Can Roca. This May we introduce surprising and fantastic dishes… Book your table at Roca Moo and discover them! 

The Classics Menu incorporates two courses by the Roca Brothers. Firstly, a green salad that, despite its name, has little to do with the typical green salad. This recipe comes from the research and chromatic sensuality of the Roca Brothers, it was initially conceived as a dessert, but ended up becoming a starter and it cannot be defined with words. It must be experienced to understand the excellence, harmony, exuberance and freshness that its flavors convey. Secondly, this menu also presents the grand chocolate bonbon, one of the praised desserts of Jordi Roca, who is an expert in turning all those little pleasures into something big. 

The Joan Roca Menu presents another recipe from El Celler, the mackerel with botarga and pickles, and an original Roca Moo creation, the rock mullet. This dish is born from the complicity of Rafa and Leo, from his team. In it, all of the mullet’s parts are used to create a game of textures and sensations with an intense and pure sea flavor. Furthermore, it is served with a water of puttanesca sauce, inspired by the Italian roots of both creators. 

These new proposals add to the new dishes that Roca Moo introduced last month, among the which we can find delicious creations such as the suckling pig with romesco, the veal shank or the asparagus with sweet corn and huitlacoche. Try them all and discover the best of gastroBarcelona!