New lunch menu at Roca Moo!

Hotel Omm

June has just arrived and with the change of the month… we have a new Menu Moo at Roca Moo! The gastronomic restaurant of Hotel Omm, recognized with a Michelin star and two suns on the Repsol Guide, renews this menu periodically to always offer the best, high quality seasonal products. And it’s not just any other lunch menu. Elaborated following the philosophy of El Celler de Can Roca (like the rest of the menus à la carte), it offers a very particular view of Catalan cuisine advised directly by the prestigious Roca brothers.

Thus, it becomes and ideal option to enjoy a luxurious cuisine, every working day from Tuesday to Friday and at an irresistible price! For only 49€, you can savor it in a cosmopolitan and modern atmosphere, in a five star hotel and in a pleasant space, illuminated with natural light and with the tables at a comfortable distance for those who choose Hotel Omm for discussing business.

Chef Juan Pretel defines this lunch proposal as “an agile menu, very easy going for those who visit the city and those who are passing by or who simply want to enjoy an excellent meal before going back to work, because it does not involve losing too much time”. In particular, it consists of four dishes that can be savored in more or less one hour and that constitute a healthy and balanced meal.

As a starter, a soup of elderberry with cherries and smoked eel is served, a dish that Pretel defines as his favorite. Then, for the first course, one can choose between the low cooked egg with artichokes, foie and truffle or cuttlefish rice with baby beans. And, for the second course, between the fish of the day with celery and with asparagus or the suckling pig terrine with melon and beetroot. Finally, for a sweet end, the dessert is chocolate textures with raspberries and muscatel.

This is a unique opportunity to taste the best cuisine in the center of Barcelona and in a space that combines art, design and high gastronomy. Come to the Roca Moo, any working day from Tuesday to Friday, and enjoy this exquisite menu… Michelin awarded!