Magic Night of San Juan


The magic Night of San Juan is approaching and Barcelona is prepared to celebrate it in style. But do you know what this festivity symbolizes? Or why does the sea has such an important role in it? These are some of the curiosities that fascinate us the most about the night of June 23 and that today we want to share with you. Also, we propose a unique plan to enjoy one of the most fun evenings of the year, with stunning views of the city, from the terrace of our hotel

Night of San Juan, much more than just the beginning of summer

As every year, in Barcelona on June 23 is celebrated the night of San Juan, also known as the verbena, which at the same time coincides to be with the shortest night of the year. The sky is filled with fireworks, people gather around small improvised bonfires on the beach, the little ones have fun with the light of the flares and friends, families and couples meet to share a very special.

The origin of this festival is, however, a bit diffuse. According to legend, our ancestors believed that the Sun was in love with the Earth, so it was reluctant to abandon it, resulting in the shortest night of the entire calendar, the early morning of June 24, the day of San Juan.

They also had the belief that on this day they could scare away evil spirits, attract good ones and release different spells of love and fertility. Hence the origin of the bonfires on the beach and the superstition that at 12 o’clock at night people must jump 7 sea waves in order to ensure a year full of good energy.

Typical cuisine of the night of San Juan

As in most popular festivals in Barcelona, there is a typical dessert associated with the celebration: the coca of San Juan. This type of coca, very popular among Catalans, can be made of various ways: marzipan, cream or whipped cream, always with a cover of candied fruit and pine nuts. A sweet dessert suitable for all kinds of palates!

And if you still do not have a plan designed for tonight, or if you want to do something different and exciting at the same time, without the hustle of the popular festivities, but catching all of its lively atmosphere, we propose a magical evening at our hotel in Barcelona.

We recommend you to book in our restaurant Roca Moo, where you can enjoy a Michelin star dinner, and then go up to our terrace to enjoy other types of stars, which will be dancing in the sky with the fireworks of the festival, with views to Casa Milá.

Enjoy music and company in the terrace of our hotel! A unique enclave in the city from which you can see the fireworks that invade all Barcelona on the occasion of the night of San Juan … And make your verbena of San Juan be truly a magical night!