Night tours at Santa Maria del Mar


The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar has its origins in one of the first Christian communities that existed in Barcelona. Founded outside the walls surrounding the city, it is believed to have its first chapel around the year 303, where there was buried the martyr Santa Eulalia.

The present building of the Santa Maria del Mar, the project was designed by Berenguer de Montagut and Ramon Despuig and was begun in 1329 by the locals, with their hands, their boats and their effort who gradually, transported stone by stone from the mountain of Montjuïc who built until 1383, when the last stone was laid. The present basilica preserves the original building, but the inside has not been preserved due to a fire in June 1936, when the basilica was burning eleven days in a row, which made the whole inside was lost, with the exception of windows and other parts of the top, the rest has been rebuilt gradually.

A magic place

The visits to the Basilica allow to know a little more of one of the most emblematic of the architecture of Barcelona, present in literature and cinema buildings. In addition, being visited at sunset, you can enjoy the Basilica virtually alone, with the tranquility that a building of this nature offers. At the same time, after visiting the inside of the building, we can go to the terrace, where not only can enjoy the spectacular views it offers, but also able to live the magic of summer evening.

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