An Omm New Year’s Eve with Rosa Esteva


The Omm is the best host for all those who shared New Year’s with us. What a good time we had! Guests, waiters, chefs… we are all a great family! Every day is important for us and for our clients, but New Year’s Eve is very special and I like to be here, at my hotel, having fun with my people.

I love to welcome everyone one by one. I always give people something red on their arrival to wish them good luck. This year the surprise was a red bracelet with a rigatoni, as a symbol of wealth. In Spanish “pasta” also means money so I went over to everyone and told them “to a year with a lot of pasta!”. They all laughed and I laughed with them. It is for moments like this that I am so excited when I throw parties like this.

On such nights I want everyone to be more than fine and to feel very well. For this it is important to create a good environment. This New Year’s we put many white and red balloons and extended a large red carpet with the shape of two diamonds at the entrance. We are entering 2018, the age of turning 18, so I thought it would be nice to use the two diamonds that Spanish TV used in the 60s to signal those movies that were for over 18.

With Rafa Panatieri, Roca Moo’s chef, and all of his team, we prepared a special dinner for the last evening of the year. Gastronomy is very important to me. I have dedicated my life to restaurants so for me it is essential that my guests and clients enjoy their meals. That’s why we decide to elaborate a menu that was unforgettable. We paired it with spectacular wines chosen by our head sommelier, Nerea Sorribes.

After dinner, we ate the grapes together. In Spain we traditionally follow the countdown by eating 12 lucky grapes, one per each chime. We hugged each other. And we started the year the best way we could have possibly started it, together, at the Omm and with a huge smile. The party continued until late. We dance with the live music of the P.Brother’s concert and the more lively ended the night in our Omm Club.

What a great way to welcome the new year! Happy 2018!