Ona-Ola-Wave exhibition Barcelona


And what awaits us in this exhibition? In this event we will see a brief explanation of the history of surfing in Catalonia in an educational way and retreating to its origins in Polynesia. The whole show is very visual and entertaining, which introduces us to the world of surfing, its history, its great landmarks and especially its waves.

Organized in a timeline that runs from 1777, when the sport was discovered by Captain James Cook, to the present; you can see its evolution in the world, in Spain and more specifically in Catalonia. Some of the oldest tables manufactured in Spain and Catalonia, and photographs and videos of the years 70-90 of the twentieth century are also on display.

Get to know the most important waves in the world, the best places to surf in our Catalan coast, how to make a surfboard, different types of tables and how the biggest waves in the world are caught in this event organized by Felip Verger, former president of the Catalan Association of Surfing, and Jaime Izquierdo.

Your luxury hotel in Barcelona recommends you not to miss this exhibition which will be available until January 17th, 2016 at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ​​a landmark of this city that was born and has grown always related to the sea and its mysteries.