Otello at Teatre Liceu

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If you are an art lover, you cannot miss this opera; it links literature and music with such an eternal art as love.

Hotel Omm, Hotel Paseo de Gracia, is pleased to introduce you to the fascinating artistic production that will host the Liceu in Barcelona: Otello.

Otello production

It is not the first time that Otello is received at the Liceu. The city of Barcelona has been lucky enough to enjoy the production of Giuseppe Verdi on several occasions. The first, on November 19, 1980, when it opened for the first time in the Gran Teatre Liceu.

The play is an opera in four acts. In which José Cura, Carl Tanner and Marc Heller give voice to Otello blinded by jealousy. In addition, Ermonela Jaho and Maria Katzarava are the love, innocence and the victim of a hoax, Desdemona.

Thus, the Liceu will be the place where production develops, Cyprus. A demonstration of the damage that jealousy can lead to love, and its devastating consequences.

The story of Otello

The Turks want to attack Cyprus. To avoid this, from Venice sent to Otello to prevent it. Instead, he appoints Cassio captain, which arouses the jealousy of Yago, also longed for that position. The revenge leads into action. He gets a tissue of Desdemona and Otello believed that she has been unfaithful to him. Prisoner of jealousy and rage, Otello does not believe his innocence and he kills her.

This is the penultimate production of Verdi, a work that reflects the reality of love, jealousy and revenge.

The luxury hotel in Barcelona received with great emotion the visit to the production of Verdi’s Otello at the Teatre Liceu, from January 21 to February 7.