Our designers

Barcelona, Hotel Omm, Paseo de Gracia

Around us, in Paseo de Gracia, the most expensive square meter of the city of Barcelona, it is easy to find all major international luxury brands, from Chanel and Stella McCartney to Prada or Louis Vuitton.

But in nearby streets and also very visible we can find stores of our great Catalan or Spanish designers. Originality, quality, distinction, style, personality are words that define them. We have chosen a few but there are many more and … we will talk about them in the future.

We start with Josep Abril, the designer of the uniforms of our hotel and with Txell Miras and Miriam Ponsa have recently opened store on Valencia Street 229, NU # 02Store, about menswear and very stylish woman.

Very close to the Hotel Omm in Rosselló 256, we find the amazing carpet shop of Nani Marquina, unique thrilling carpets, colorful, warmth, and design, such as photo from model illustrating this post. Some of his designs can be seen in the lobby and rooms at our luxury hotel in Barcelona.

Across the Paseo de Gracia, in Rosselló 230, it takes place the shop of Cristina Castañer with a collection of shoes and sandals with avant-garde design, espadrilles lifetime with today’s look.

And a little further down the street Provence is Cortana, a sensitive and elegant designer who always surprises us with his style and the quality of their fabrics and colors. For women who want to stand quietly.

It’s really a luxury to have them so close, from our luxury hotel in Barcelona we recommend strongly that you must know their stores and their designs if you want to take even a small part of our beautiful city.