Ozom, the show

Art, Barcelona

The title given to this representation is Ozom, a spectacular new proposal the famous magician Lari aims to surprise all audiences with.

In Hotel Omm, the hotel Paseo de Gracia, we like innovation. Now you can be part of an entire theatrical proposal, where the illusion plays a major role.

The Magician Lari in the Barcelona Theatre

A primary goal: Awaken the child in all of us. So, this show is understood as an art. An art established for centuries by executing illusionism, with great teachers that have surprised audiences in the most astonishing and sweet ways.

Thus, magic is not only performed with the hands. Ozom is a new way of understanding theater: many costume changes, changes in the scene where the action takes place, a challenge among the four magicians and a challenge to the public.

The Magician Lari is not alone. He is the link among the magicians, and he drives and triggers the action. The four magicians never share the stage with Lari.

Therefore, it seeks to put into stage the great magicians of history and carries different interpretations himself. Magic has an important place in the show but the Magician Lari reinforces the theatrical part in this new proposal.

From the seats we can witness a scene with characters of prestige such as Jim Clark representing Doug Henning, an inspiration; Goretti, inspired by Criss Angel; the most humorous part comes on the heels of Wenceslao Padró, taking the name of the passionate for magic, Wenceslas Ciuró; and Cirici Pasqual, leading the Catalan magician Fructós Canonge to scene.

To provide a more spectacular show, music takes on a very important role, as well as the scenery. Therefore, to carry out this blockbuster, 60 people have collaborated in the production to make everything work perfectly.

The Magician Lari has a new magic led to a sensitivity that includes both parents and children. The luxury hotel in Barcelona recommends this show available in the Teatre Condal until 21 February. Ozom is an awesome show!