Partial eclipse

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The eclipse consists that, because the moon, the sun and the earth are lining, the moon projects a shadow and doesn’t allow the sun being visible in part of the earth. More concretely, the eclipse will be total in the Faroe Islands, in some part of the terrestrial land in the North Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

If you can’t come to Omm Hotel & Spa 5* to enjoy the eclipse with us, we recommend you to go to the Montjuïc Castle or to the Barceloneta park, where the memberts of ASTER will be from 9 to 11.30am offering telescopes and homologated glasses to borrow or buy.

Remember that this nature wonder won’t repeat until August 12th 2026, and that you need to protect your eyes and not look directly at it. Don’t miss it, come to Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona and come up to the terrace for a unique experience.