Philippe Halsman: ¡Sorpréndeme! at Caixaforum

Barcelona, Photography

Born in Letonia, Philippe Halsman was one of the most influential photographs during the 20th century. Known by his witty ways and peculiar creativity, which was very useful for him during the time he spend working along with Salvador Dalí exploring and creating master pieces of surrealism. His relationship with Dalí was an authentic and marvelous gift for art; together they create beautiful and innovative work through the years.

Jumpology, his personal brand

During his first years in business, he traveled to Paris, where he worked for Vogue Magazine and began to win good reputation inside fashion world, but eventually with the start of WWII he moved to USA where he truly consecrated himself as artist and reached fame.

He was able to photograph numerous celebrities of American pop culture. In front of his camera posed politicians like Richard Nixon, members of Ford Family, founders of Ford Cars; Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Alfred Hitchcock and Hollywood’s favorite blonde, Marilyn Monroe.

Halsman was a artist in love with surrealist compositions but his personal brand was the technique he created and named “Jumpology”. This technique consisted in capturing the precise moment when models jump into the air, according to Halsman using this technique you can capture the real form of the person without any previous alterations or touching elements to correct them. In his own words “When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.”

At the Philippe Halsman: ¡Sorpréndeme! exhibition we can find more than 300 pictures of his work, watching work from his beginnings in Paris and his moments of glory in USA. From Monday to Sunday, opening at 10h and closing at 20h you can visit this art show at Caixaforum.

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