Photographic exposition “Magnolia Blanca”

Art, Barcelona, Hotel Omm

This photographic work comes close to the contemporary China and its relation with the artist, that explains the creation process and links it to his summer visits to the family house, where still lives a giant white magnolia tree that loses its leaves as the summer progresses. The author tells us how he picks up these petals and uses them to ward off the mosquitoes in the hot and humid nights of southern China.

“Magnolia Blanca” is a family album in diary format with images of the personal life of Xiqi Yuwang, dedicated to the people he appreciates and loves. The author describes a comfort and free sensation inside him when capturing the images, from which he highlights the lights coming from the windows and that fall in elements apparently insignificants and regular. The same way, different feelings are created and drafted in the atmosphere and the bright reflections. The author wanted to capture those situations in a rigorous way, being faithful to memories of unique and constant moments of the daily life, the family and the loved ones.

Omm Spa Barcelona encourages you to visit this interesting sample of the contemporary and traditional China in a more personal way in the Golferichs Civic Center until May 30th. We are sure you won’t regret it.