Picasso and the world

Hotel Omm

This is the first exhibition in the world which approaches to the importance of Picasso in contemporary art. The exhibition analyze the reactions of different artists to Pablo Picasso’s life and work. Throughout the exhibition we will contemplate 58 works, different points of view, so to know a bit about these artists and rediscovering Picasso.

At “Post-Picasso. Contemporary Reactions”, the meaning of Picasso’s work are reinterpreted, surfacing unique works with hints of Picasso and hints of contemporary art. The 41 artists are from every part in the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, United States and Latin America offer their vision and contribution to the artist work in a tribute never seen before. The result shows the impressive influence of Picasso, with a legacy present in the whole world.

From our Barcelona five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we always bet on art and the great museums of the city. This exhibition is perfect to know the mark of Picasso in arts, as well as to know contemporary artists with excelent works. The diversity of works and formats (video, photo, paintings, etching and sculpture) will satisfy to every attendant.