“Picasso’s cuisine”: The link between art and gastronomy


The Picasso Museum in Barcelona will host from May to September 2018 an exhibition called “Picasso’s Kitchen”. In it we can see the influence that gastronomy had on the artist’s personal life and how it is reflected in his work.

The culinary pretext of Picasso

This artistic exhibition is an initiative of the Musée National Picasso-Paris in which we can contemplate around 200 work pieces donated by museums, institutions and private collections from around the world, which will show in chronological order of the artist’s journey from an unseen perspective.

In addition, the exhibition has a very special collaboration by the prestigious Barcelona chef Ferran Adrià. This Michelin Star chef will establish a dialogue between the creative process of the painter and the current contemporary culinary creation.

If you go to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, located in the Born neighborhood, you can enjoy the illustrated and written work of the artist in which there are many taproom, culinary ingredients, utensils, food and drinks.

The exhibition, in the hands of the director of the museum Emmanuel Guigon, will be structured by chapters, which will include the multiple restaurants of Catalan modernism that Picasso frequented. This is to emphasize the importance of restaurants as a meeting point for the avant-garde.

The avant-garde and gastronomy of Barcelona

If once in Barcelona you want to discover some of the most emblematic restaurants that have served as a meeting point for different renowned artists of this city, we recommend you to visit the Mordisco.

This restaurant of the Grupo Tragaluz stands out for its closeness and warmth. Opened in 1987, there used to be many artists of the stature of Mariscal and Barceló. Currently, the Mordisco is located in Paseo de la Concepción, in a typical house in the Eixample district that you will recognize for its emblematic green facade.

In the historical location of the first Mordisco, the one in whose bar so many ideas and creative thoughts were born, is now our gastronomic hotel in Barcelona. In it you will find the gastronomic restaurant Roca Moo, with a Michelin Star, and the informal Roca Bar, ideal for any time of the day.