Picasso/Dalí. Dalí/Picasso

Art, Barcelona

The exhibition of the works of these two artists consists of 78 pieces, from paintings, drawings and collages to sculptures and engravings; plus 33 documentary pieces, some of them letters and postcards from Dalí to Picasso. 25 museums have lent works of these two authors to make this exhibition possible, an exhibition that will show for the first time in Europe pieces such as “Profanación de la hostia” by Dalí (1929).

The director of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, Bernardo Laniado-Romero, said that the exhibition, which was released first at the American Museum, will not travel no any other cities and encourages all to visit it, and added “we would like the public of Barcelona to make it theirs. The same way Dalí and Picasso made theirs, for a time, the city of Barcelona. He further explains that with this exhibition they wanted to show the moments of contact of Dalí and Picasso in their personal lives and their works.

Rumors of a bas relationship between the two have been a constant in history, but clearly there was a certain friendship between them. The Spanish civil war was a peak turning in their relationship, as Dalí later explained, but the admiration that he felt for the Malaga artist is undeniable, to the point he eventually won his respect and made Picasso admire him.

All this is reflected in this exhibition you cannot miss. In the final stage of it, it shows how big was the fascination that the two of them felt for other two geniuses of the Spanish art: Goya and, especially, Velázquez. Omm luxury hotel in Barcelona encourages you to visit the Picasso Museum of Barcelona and enjoy this journey through the personal and artistic lives of two giants of the 20th century: Picasso and Dalí.