Picasso Romanic

Art, Barcelona

A visit that would change his art

During the year 1934, shortly before the National Museum of Catalonia was officially inaugurated to the public, Pablo Picasso made his first visit to the museum and was captivated by the collection of romanic art. Almost 30 years before his visit to the museum, Picasso spent a season in the village of Gósol, where his work was greatly influenced by the relationship with the Virgin of Gòsol, a canvas which is now in this exhibition of romanic art.

Among the 40 paintings of this period of Picasso found in this exhibition we can also find another of the most significant works of this period, “The Crucifixion”, a theme very present in the romanic art that dazzled Picasso in his first visit to the Museum, as well as the skulls that are also very present in all these Picasso’s paintings.

The exhibition is located in the romanic art area of the Museum but does not seek to establish a concrete relationship between the works of Picasso and the rest of the romanic works of the museum, simply seeks to capture the possible affinities between them, since one of the main characteristics of Picasso was the ability to transform the influences he had into something very different and of his own.

An exhibition you cannot miss

“Picasso Romànic” will be open to the public from January 19 to February 26 at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. If you want to make the most of your stay in the 5 star hotel in Barcelona, do not miss this exhibition and enjoy the romanic art with the special touch of Picasso.