Picasso Route

Art, Barcelona

The route starts at the Casa Martí, better known as “Els 4 Gats” where on the ground floor a poster designed by Picasso himself invites us in. This brasserie was home of talks, shows and concerts where bohemian intellectuals of the modernist Barcelona gathered, and was the first place where the young Picasso drawings were exhibited.

La Llotja is the next point of this route. Near the sea, at the Palau Square, a building of neoclassical facade hides inside one of the most unknown Catalan civil Gothic treasures of this city. His father taught in this venue, and Picasso himself was trained here, which gives it, if possible, even more magic.

We move to the Wall and Gateway of the Roman city of Barcino in Plaza Nova, where the building of the College of Architects of Barcelona is located. The most representative element in this building are the frieze, designed by Picasso and sandblasted made by the Norwegian Carl Nesjar. There are three different: the frieze of children, the frieze of the giants and the frieze of the flag.

Another important point of this route is the building of Porxos d’en Xifré, where Pablo Picasso lived with his family when they arrived in Barcelona in 1895, and from its terrace the young Picasso painted some of his early cityscapes. Paintings of the roofs, sea, light and Barcelona in the late nineteenth century.

Finally, of course, a visit to the Picasso museum could not be missed, which shows the close relationship the artist had with the city of Barcelona. More than 3,800 works from different periods of the painter, most of them from his training and youth, and the extraordinary serie of “Las Meninas” form the permanent collection. Omm Luxury Hotel in Barcelona encourages you to you to make the full route on the acclaimed artist and his relationship with this amazing city.