Piknic Electronik Barcelona

Barcelona, Gastronomy, Hotel Omm, Music

This year, Piknic Electronik has the aim to conquer not only his faithful fans, but to all those who have not granted the benefit of the doubt yet or those who are just spending some days in the city, so it has prepared a season full f surprises and many improvements compared to other years.

The event takes place every Sunday until September 20th from 1pm to 10pm, and this year for the first time you can pay a reduced entrance fee to access the Petit Piknic area exclusively, which houses the Market and the Food Trucks area with some novelties like the Street Food and the Social Fooding, an initiative in which a group of volunteers collect food from Piknic Electronik that hasn’t been sold and redistributed it in different soup kitchens in the neighborhood.

With an uninterrupted musical program since the opening until 9pm, the last hour is dedicated to the Sunset Hour, a very special moment to enjoy the sunset in an excellent location surrounded by nature while enjoying the Market and the picnic area.

Don’t miss this year’s program that holds an exceptional music quality accompanied by the best cuisine in the city and the best activities for children and adults. Omm luxury hotel in Barcelona recommends Piknic Electronik for enjoying your Sundays among family or friends with the best music and street food.