Popular runs you cannot miss

Hotel Omm


Lack of time is no longer an excuse, and it is always a good time to put your sneakers on and go to discover what is hidden behind the kilometers. The luxury hotel in Barcelona presents a series of popular careers that you cannot miss. Do not stop this fever for the running!

Before laziness condemns your legs, Correbarri becomes a special occasion to go out and defend your neighborhood pride. On October 4 go running with the shirt that defends your district!

If you prefer an alternative plan, on October 4, you can participate in Mercabarna. This time the wholesale market of Barcelona opens its doors for you to know it from within in an environment as cool and inviting.

Among all races, the Cros Sants stands strongly for its historical background and today it is presented as a career that despite not offering great difficulty it will take you through different areas of Sants. You cannot lose this!

Moreover, who said that women were not prepared for sport? Year after year women gather in a tide and stain pink the city to show support to breast cancer in the Cursa de la Dona. Hotel Omm recommends to all women not to miss the appointment on 8 November.

Finally the most recognized: the Jean Bouin and the San Silvestre. On November 22 the Jean Bouin gathers together athletes of all kinds. And if you want to end the year with some kilometers, you cannot miss the San Silvestre of Barcelona. La Cursa dels Nassos is an opportunity to say goodbye to the year with the best attitude and wish running to the new year!


So if you’re part of this fever of running that goes in crescendo, Hotel Omm recommends that you not miss any appointments that Barcelona offers its runners. We are waiting for you!