The Punk in the Contemporary Art

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Punk and contemporary art have always been united in different areas and concepts. If you want to know this union with your own eyes you can do in the exhibition Punk, their traces in contemporary art until 25 September at the MACBA.

The punk was born in London and New York between 1976 and 1978, the result of dissatisfaction unrest and nonconformity of some tough years, especially for the youth of the time and that was spreading very quickly throughout the world.

At Spain it arrived shortly after with the Madrid scene and Catalonia and Euskadi, meeting a generation that had lost the illusion fruit of the struggle against Franco. Punk, as movement is related to others like Dadaism and Situationism and all the feelings they provoke and even today you can feel.

Curated by David G. Torres, this exhibition shows the different ways to fulfill the punk by various artists. We see for example represented in colors, shapes, cuts, antidesign and some references to bands and continuous references to a society where we find the alienated individual.

The main topics are social criticism, sexual freedom and especially the loss of faith in progress and the future.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and CA2M, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Madrid, Artium, Basque Centre for Contemporary Art in Vitoria, the University Museum of Chopo, Mexico and the City of Mexico.

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