Pure Flamenco

Barcelona, Dance, Music

In this occasion you will be able to enjoy great artist that will make you tremble with different flamenco pieces or “palos” (types), from bulería to guajira or zorongo and that will make you live the flamenco culture like never before.

With “El Tati” as guitarist, Juan de Julia in the box drum, the singers Fefa Gómez, Genara Cortes and Luis “El Granaino”, and accompanied by the dancers Eva Santiago, Marina González, Iván Alcalá y Nacho Blanco, this show will touch your heart. Because flamenco, declared UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010, it’s not only a dance, it’s all the feelings that make it and the feelings that provoke to those who enjoy and live it.

A complete set

The pieces that will be interpreted are the following:

– Popular flamenco: Farruca (One of the most recent types of flamenco, with origin in the North).

– Popular flamenco: Bulería (It’s a loud type of flamenco, fun and cheerful).

– Popular Flamenco: Guajira (A happy and rhythmic dance. This music style was brought from Cuba to Canarias).

– Popular flamenco: Zorongo

– Popular flamenco: Tangos (This type of song is vibrant, with rhythm and one of the oldest in flamenco).

– Popular flamenco: Soleá por Bulería (This is one of the main rocks of flamenco because of its solemnity while interpreting it; the feelings are the most important).

– Popular flamenco: Tanguillos (It’s a type of song full of grace, fun and flirtatious).

– Popular flamenco: Alegría (It’s a type of cheerful and lively music, it’s characterize for its dynamism and grace)

– Popular flamenco: Tangos de Málaga (Tangos from Málaga)

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