Rafa Panatieri takes part in the Truffle Fair

Hotel Omm

Rafa Panatieri, chef of Roca Moo, surprised everyone at the Truffle Fair of Centelles celebrated this weekend with his Michelin starred flavors and recipes. On Saturday, December 16, Rafa was invited to participate in the event, where he offered a tasting of three delicious truffle-based recipes during a truffle cooking workshop in the morning.

The tasting started with a truffle appetizer stuffed with mushrooms and truffle cream and continued with a can of veal with avocado cream and slices of truffle. For a sweet finish, Rafa delighted everyone with a chestnut, truffle and mushroom panna cotta. A more than delicious and irresistible foodie festival for truffle lovers!

Together with Eduard Xatruch (chef of Compartir, Cadaqués) Rafa has been the special guest on this edition of the Truffle Fair, which celebrated no less than its 10th anniversary. As it is already a tradition, with the cold of the final autumn days and the prelude of Christmas holidays, the old town of Centelles turns into the capital of the truffle for a whole weekend.

10 years of the Centelles Truffle Fair

For the occasion, the town’s historic center turned into a huge market where a series of incredibly tempting products could be found: truffled sausages, truffled cheeses, chocolate made with truffle oil… Moreover, several activities of all kinds and for all ages were organized, such as the gastronomic workshop in which Rafa took part.

And so it has been since 2007, when the first Truffle Fair was held in Centelles. It was born with the objective of recovering the importance that truffle used to have in the town’s old days. For years, Centelles was one of the most important truffle markets in Spain, considered even as a reference for establishing the price of this prestigious mushroom.

At our gastronomic hotel in Barcelona we are more than happy to have participated in such a symbolical edition of this Truffle Fair, celebrating its 10th anniversary with Rafa and Roca Moo’s spirit.

Haven’t you met Rafa yet? He’s always wearing his best smile and is undoubtedly looking forward to welcoming you to our city with a delicious gastronomic experience. Come and enjoy dinner or lunch at Hotel Omm’s gastronomic restaurant and try all of his creations in what will surely be a more than excellent gastronomic experience!