Congratulations Raimon!

Hotel Omm, Interviews

How would you describe the experience?

Unforgettable for the environment, partners, organization…

What was the best and the worst of the whole competiton?

The best has been the mates. After living for 7 days together underhard conditions, without privacity, and with the same passion for the bike, I have established a really good friendship with them.Obviously, I’ve been very luck because they are great persons.

There is nothing really bad, but the worst are the things that make the race especially hard; nevertheless, they are also what got me hooked and I want to do it again. 

How was your day?

I woke up every morning at 5:30. First we had the breakfast and then I prepare all the necessary for the race: mark all the nutritional supplement with the number of my dorsal,  put everything on the maillot, and prepare the isotonic drinks and the water,

Finally, sign control, collect and check the bike and get ready at the starting line for the course.

Once finished the race the first thing to do was taking the bike to the mechanic and make a reservation for a very necessary massage. After the shower we had dinner and some relax time before going to bed.

What were you thinking while you were on the bike in the middle of the desert of Morocco?

It depends of the moment: on my wife and on my future daughter, on doing ti well because it represented the Omm hotel and Amstel Radler, on the friends, dreaming about the moment to cross the finish line.

Did you overcome your expectations?

My initial objective was to finish the six days of the competition with sufficient strenght to not regret for going and enjoying the race. Starting from the second day, my competitive side came out and I din’t stop thinking about finishing the race as best as possible.

Would you do it again?

Of course yes. Strating from the third or fourth day of the race I was thinking that I would’nt; I was feeling the tiredness, but the day after the race was over, I’m thinking of doing it again.

What has been the most satisfactory thing of participating in the Titan Desert?

The most satisfactory has been that the sacrifice that I did in the last few months gave results. Step`by step I was overcoming my objectives that finally have been better than what I expected. I never imagined to finish so close to the first hudreds.

Hotel Omm wishes him more victories like this one.