Ramon Casas at the Museum of Modernism

Art, Barcelona

Ramon Casas, a complete artist, was representing life through Puncture for many years, where we can not only contemplate the reality of a Catalonia that kept changing, but also see the reflection of their trips to Paris, who make up most of the first part of the work.

At the same time, in the work of Ramon Casas, we can see different themes that make his work a clear representation of their interests and hobbies. The social chronicle, cycling and racing, as well as works that reflect the beauty of his beloved Julia and reflect the reality of the country a key historical period and help to understand part of the story.

The representation of women

Casas, is an important pioneer in the representation of women, since, fleeing the representation that had been hitherto a tempting, mischievous and sensual woman, becomes an urban, free and independent woman, at the same time are although not particularly elegant women placed gracefully. They are women with a masculine touch to what was done before.

The Museum of Modernism in Barcelona offers the opportunity to understand the mentality of the time from the artistic perspective.

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