“Ramón Casas. The Modern life” in the Barcelona Modernist Museum


Honouring his 150th anniversary, the modernist museum in Barcelona, ​​presents a route through the Catalan modernism that was had much to do with this painter. Your hotel in Paseo de Gracia offers you the possibility of developing sensitivity and introducing yourself into this magical world of painting and modernist inspiration by Ramón Casas.

The Modernism by Ramon Casas

Ramón Casas Carbo was born in January 5th, 1866 in the city of Barcelona. He was known internationally because of his caricatures and paintings dedicated to the social and political elites in Barcelona, ​​Paris and Madrid. Coinciding with the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the painter, the Modernist Museum in Barcelona has decided to promote a journey through the life, work and modernism by Casas.

Under the title “Ramón Casas. The Modern life”, the exhibition hosts the work of the author, since his beginnings in Paris, to its full artistic growth stage. The theme of this exhibition revolves around the social chronicle, cycling, motor sports and portraits of contemporary personalities. In particular, the artist focuses in most of his career in seven areas, including everyday life, cars, billboards and the female universe.

The exhibition is composed by 130 works focused on illustrating the life and work of Ramón Casas, of these same pieces of art,  40 are oil paintings, 60 drawings and the rest demonstrates his profession as a poster.

The Modernist Museum in Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, meanwhile, have embarked on this journey, honouring the author who today fulfilled his 150 years. According to experts, this exhibition coincides in several aspects that would make Casas, an artist characterized by harmony in the quadrangular composition of his works, by his use of coal and a particular colour palette. In particular, one of his most representative works that you can appreciate at the museum is his personal vehicle, designed by himself: the Delaunay-Belleville 28 HP car 1906. This car represents the painter’s modern attitude that is why this car was a main subject in his paintings.

If you are interested in approaching a movement that has left its legacy in many of our streets and buildings, you have the possibility of enjoying an exhibition of one of the most famous painters of the current. As always, your hotel in Paseo de Gracia, is here to bring you the best cultural activities, now the only thing left to do is for you to go and enjoy a commemoration of Ramon Casas’s “modern life”.