Renoir among women

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Renoir, the painter of women

During his career as a painter, Renoir devoted himself to portraying the female figure several times in different ways. There is no doubt that the French painter had great preference for female models since in many of his works you can see how Renoir managed to transmit one and one the different characteristics that made the women of his life were his great muses.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was an Impressionist painter who often found inspiration in classical Renaissance and Baroque painting; many art critics agree that he was in charge of offering a very sensual interpretation of Impressionism and that is why he is considered the painter of women. Many of the women who posed for Renoir’s portraits were not merely models but were part of his personal life, these being his friends, lovers and even his own wife who were immortalized in the numerous works of Renoir.

He liked to show everything that a woman could be, delicate, subtle, sensual, cheerful, and maternal, and the voluptuousness of their body, which he also often integrated with nature making these portraits the most symbolic of the final years of his artistic career.

Renoir among women

The Mapfre Foundation has worked in collaboration with the museums d’Orsay and l’Òrangerie in the organization and assembly of this exhibition that shows the evolution of Renoir in 60 pieces of his work. This exhibition was inaugurated last September 17 and will remain open to the public until January 8th of 2017 in the building of The Mapfre Foundation located in carrer de la Diputació 250, very close to Hotel Omm, one more reason to enjoy the privileged location of our hotel in Paseo de Gracia.