Roca Moo, finalist in the Time Out 2013 Awards and winner of the Cartavi 2013 Award

Hotel Omm

In this event, Roca Moo, our gourmet restaurant with a Michelin star, led by Felip Llufriu and advised by El Celler de Can Roca, has been chosen as a finalist in the category of “Best Restaurant”.

Furthermore, our Roca Moo sommelier, Audrey Doré, has been awarded by the Cartavi 2013 prize in Barcelona city in the category of “More than 35 Euros menu”. The competition is organized annually by the Catalan Wine Association with the aim of promoting the presence of Catalan wines on menus of restaurants located in Catalonia.

Roca Bar, located in our Michelin star hotel in the heart of Barcelona, ​​has been chosen by a professional jury as an example of awareness of Catalan wines and transmission to our customers.


More information about Roca Moo here.