Rosa’s last party at the Omm

Hotel Omm

Emotion. If there is a word that can pick up the essence of the night of July 16 at the Hotel Omm, it is this one. Emotion in the farewell to a hotel that has been the home of Barcelona for 15 years. Emotion in the eyes of Rosa Esteva and the Roca brothers, who have been together in this adventure since the first day. Emotion among the guests, who are friends of the house, who have lived and shared unique moments in the Omm. Emotion in the memories. In the ambience. In the people meeting and hugging each other. In all smiles. Emotion.

On Monday, July 16, Rosa and the Roca Brothers celebrated the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one for Hotel Omm. Surrounded by friends and collaborators, famous chefs and long-time companions, Rosa said goodbye to her Omm (and her Omm to Barcelona) her way, and only as she could do it: hosting a big party.

The first guests arrived at 8pm, all of them great names of our country’s gastronomic scene and wine producing world. From Ferran Adrià and Andoni Luis Aduriz to Álvaro Palacios and Xavier Gramona, José Andrés, Nandu Jubany, Ramon Freixa, Raül Balam, Carles Abellan, Max Colombo, Koldo Royo, Juan Muga, Paco Torelló, Xandra Falcó, Joan Juvé and Mar Raventós…

An hour later, the other guests started to come. Once again, they were all friendly well-known faces brining joy in their hugs, nostalgia for having to say goodbye to Rosa’s Omm and excitement for being able to share such an important moment. Lexter’s live music welcomed them all, making them gasp in amusement as they saw him singing from the balcony of one of the rooms and at the entrance of the Lobby a bit later, next to Gigi McFarlane. An explosive mix of rhythm and good music!

For dinner, Rafa Panatieri and his team of Roca Moo prepared some of the most emblematic dishes from our gastronomic restaurant. Among these, of course, was the iconic Golden Egg which the Roca Brothers created for Rosa. There were also salmon, cheese, bread and Iberian ham areas. Furthermore, at the high table of Roca Bar, people could find a representation of Mordisco, the first restaurant Rosa opened and a gesture to the origins of the Omm. “Look! From there, from that first and humble Mordisco, we have come to this, a five-star hotel.” Meanwhile, at the same time as some of the guests were enjoying the impressive dinner, others were having a drink on the rooftop Terrace, under the sky of Barcelona and overlooking Gaudi’s Casa Mila.

However, the most exciting moment of the evening was when Rosa and the Roca spoke, presented by Bibiana Ballbè, a famous local journalist. Clementina Milá, the public relations of the hotel, who has lived and felt the Omm as her home during these 15 years, also said a few words. Finally, Rosa handed over the relay to Liran Wizman, owner and founder of Europe Hotels Private Collection. Then, the P.Brothers pumped up the party with their dance music.

And the guests started to move their bodies! People danced and the atmosphere was filled with their love, admiration, complicity and heartfelt anecdotes. Around a thousand people came to share the evening with Rosa in what was her last party at the hotel. In brief, one word: emotion. And a name that will remain in the memory of Barcelona: Omm.

(A special thank you to Can Ràfols dels Caus, Marqués de Murrieta, Muga, Calidoscopi, Gramona, Torelló, Heineken, Gin Mare, Bacardi, Schweppes, Carpier, Vila Viniteca, Jamón Exclusiva Cima and Turrull.)