Sant Esteve Concert

Hotel Omm

Even so, Christmas in Catalonia have an imperative to experience the magic of Christmas in its entire splendor event: The Concert of Sant Esteve, December 26, in a unique environment, as it is the Palau de la Música.

The importance of Sant Esteve concert

As every year, Christmas has its own soundtrack with the tones of the Catalan Christmas tradition, the concert of Sant Esteve. In 1913, the Christmas body began to represent a real universe of sensations that accompany these dates.

The place, the Palau de la Música, is the ideal to give voice to the Christmas spirit environment. It is the quintessential home of art and Catalan culture. In addition, its walls have happened scenic and musical ideas of all kinds with which to show the importance of culture in Barcelona. Therefore, it is a memorable musical Christmas space to provide a warm environment and a familiar touch.

Responsible for bringing the Christmas spirit to the public is the Orfeo Català, a close family from the first year have contributed to this particular contribution. Catalan choir is a choral society who for years has professed love for chamber music and because of his personal contribution; it has stood as a symbol of Catalan culture and society.

A new edition of Sant Esteve concert

This musical celebration is 100 years since its beginning. This is a special event that another year grows and evolves.

The concert will become a real adventure, an overwhelming journey that will feature a wide and varied number of works characteristic of the Christmas tradition.

The choirs of the school will shape the development of the concert. All Orfeo Català musical family will be part of the concert: Petits Cor, Cor Mitjans, Children Cor, Cor de Noies, Cor Jove, Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música and the Orfeo Català. Thus, the Orfeo Català performs again in the Concert Hall of the Palau de la Música.

Hotel Omm recommends you not to miss this Christmas event. Christmas arrive with the soundtrack of the Sant Esteve concert.