Enjoy Sant Jordi’s day

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

From the Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, ​​we recommend you to visit the various stalls selling books and roses and enjoy the atmosphere of the street that you can only feel as special as it is on Sant Jordi’s day.

Origins and legend of Sant Jordi

It is well known that this cult goes back to the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1456 when it was officially proclaimed as Sant Jordi’s day in Catalonia and extending everything we know today as the Catalan Countries.

Remember that the first time that this tradition was celebrated in the same way that we celebrate today was during the fifteenth century, although the custom of giving a book and a rose has been adopted as a tradition for all Catalan lovers. We must emphasize too, that such a day as this coincides with the death of two great authors of universal literature such as Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

Although it is a historical tradition, the Catalans are much more rooted to the legend that flows from that day, the legend of Sant Jordi, and that from the Hotel Omm, we will leave a small sample of this story so dear to all the Catalans.

As the legend says, in the village of Montblanc lived a great dragon that had terrorized all the townspeople. This huge dragon feeding on sheep, but once all the animals that lived in the kingdom ended, the king ordered his own people were slaughtered. To carry it out, there were put into a pot all inhabitants names written on paper and through an innocent hand, he proceeded to name the name of the victim. The princess, daughter of the king, was the chosen and, despite the cries and lamentations of the king, he refused to allow any other inhabitant sacrifice his life for the one of his daughter, because the princess was a resident as another. The next day, when the princess was about to be the next victim of the dragon, a handsome prince appeared out of the fog and killed the dragon. From the blood of the dragon, a large rose bush began to sprout, leading to the beautiful tradition of Sant Jordi’s day.

That is why from the Hotel Omm, the landmark hotel in Barcelona, we recommend that you cannot miss such an important day for us and you can enjoy not only the flower stalls and books spread around the center of Barcelona, ​​but also of all authors, that year after year, they decide not miss such an important and emblematic cite Sant Jordi’s day is, on April 23, and all the events that take place throughout the day. You cannot miss it!