Sant Jordi celebration in Barcelona

Paseo de Gracia

Every year, on April 23th, Barcelona is dressed up to celebrate Sant Jordi (Saint George), the festival of literature and the day of love in Catalonia.

Sant Jordi is a day full of culture and enthusiasm in which the city is filled with books and roses in each corner. A special day to go out on the streets of the city, buy the last novel you have recommended, propose in the most romantic way, enjoy the spring’s sun… and finish the day having dinner in a charming local restaurant. Yes, Sant Jordi is, for many, the best day of the year to live in Barcelona!

Where does this popular tradition come from?

According to the legend, many and many years ago in Montblanc, a beautiful village of Tarragona, lived a dragon that had frightened all the inhabitants. Only with his breath it was  able to poison the air and cause death.

Tired of the dammages caused by the dragon, the town decided to calm its ravenous appetite by sacrificing daily a randomly elected person. After a while, theluck called to the doors of the princess palace: their turn had arrived.

But just before leaving the palace and going to the dragon’s throat, a noble knight in armor and a white horse called Saint George appeared in his rescue. The hero faced the dragon, lifted his spear and crossed the heart of the fierce beast finally releasing the princess and the whole town.

Of the blood spilled by the dragon, red roses sprout up. As a sign of the deep love, Sant Jordi offered a red rose to the princess. From this gesture emerges the tradition of giving red roses to Saint George as a sign of love.

What to do for Sant Jordi?

On April 23th, Barcelona is filled with bookstores and red roses, flooding the city with its aroma. And it is more beautiful than ever, for this reason we recommend that once installed in our five star hotel in Barcelona, ​​go down to Paseo de Gracia taking a pleasant walk and experiencing the thrill of a party enormously esteemed in the city.

Another of the attractions of the day is that there are several book stalls around the Passeig de Gràcia until you reach Plaza Catalunya, where you will find the writers of the moment signing their latest works.

And after spending the day around the literature, we encourage you to enjoy a Mediterranean dinner in one of our favorite restaurants. In the center of Barcelona you will find several establishments such as Bar Lobo and Luzia, two safe bets that in addition to the Mordisco and the Tragaluz, you can get a bite something at any time of day.

And, of course, in Hotel Omm, you will always find a table. Do you want to share some good tapas with friends? the Roca Bar awaits you! Do you want to savor an extraordinary meal? our Roca Moo gastronomic restaurant will satisfy your desires.

Books, red roses and Mediterranean cuisine… a magnificent plan, don’t you think?