Sant Jordi

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The legend states that Sant Jordi killed the dragon that was tormenting the town and saved the princess, its prisoner. From the dragon’s blood a rose sprout and Sant Jordi gave it to his lover, the princess. As a tribute to the tale and courtly love, on this day men give women a rose, as if they were knight and princess. The tradition of giving a book in exchange is way more recent; it comes from remembering the death of two great authors: Cervantes and Shakespeare. From 1995, the UNESCO declared April 23rd like the International Day of the Book.

On this day, the whole city celebrates Sant Jordi, and if you walk along you will find a lot of rose and book’s offers, but it is intensely lived in the Ramblas – from Canaletes to Colom – where a lot of stands with books and located and even authors are around to sign the sold copies.

Also, in the old Estrella Damm factory, a lot of free concerts will be held. Some Catalan bands will gather together to celebrate this special day in a way a bit different than traditional, so don’t miss it!

A very cheerful and joyful day in all Barcelona, full of culture and romanticism that you can’t miss. If you are in town, Omm Spa Barcelona, luxury spa in Barcelona, recommends a walk through the city center where you can enjoy all the festivities at their best.