Sapiens, understand to create

Art, Barcelona

Understanding of the creative processes

The Sapiens methodology applied to gastronomy tries to give us a more complete and comprehensive view of the creative processes applied in this field, since to create and innovate in gastronomy it is necessary to understand how the elements that constitute it are ordered: What is a product? What is food? What is an ingredient? What is an elaboration ?; This technique deals with the deep understanding of the object of study and can serve us not only for gastronomy but practically for any discipline in which the creativity is a pillar and the desire to innovate is a need.

In Sapiens, Ferran AdriĆ  uses as a demonstration example a dish as typical as bread with tomato to analyze its ingredients and its elaboration process from a more complex point of view, with the aim of enhancing creativity in something that at first sight seems simple but that can always be improved if we use our creative capacity to the maximum, this being able to apply it to whatever your passion or profession is.

A participatory exhibition

This innovative exhibition will be open to the public until May 31th of 2017 from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 20:00 h.

A unique and participative exhibition, which proposes to its visitors a system of dynamic relations in which the creative look of each one is fundamental. Ordering, contextualizing, classifying, imagining and finally beginning to create are the steps that make up this unique sample. Through them, and starting from the example of bread with tomato, visitors will be able to take an open and participatory tour in which they will discover the interrelation that is established between the whole and the parts. From our luxury hotel in Barcelona we invite you to visit and participate in this innovative exhibition organized by one of the most emblematic personalities representing the Catalan gastronomy, the great Ferran AdriĆ .