“Sketches of Spain” by Ola Kolehmainen

Art, Barcelona


Ola Kolehmainen was born in 1964 in Helsinki, Finland, where he first graduated in journalism at the University of Helsinki, and then took a master in Photography at the Helsinki University of Art and Design, after which hhe finally took the path of photography as a way of expression. Kolehmainen uses the architecture and the relation of this between space, structure, light and different elements that give value to a composition that ends up being abstract and contemporary.

Architecture is its source of inspiration, its raw material, it captures abstract close-ups of details, surfaces and patterns made with different materials. In his own words Kolehmainen says: “I do not speak of architecture, I use it as raw material. The final image does not depend on the architecture of the building; Is an extract that becomes abstract “.

International Works

Being an internationally recognized photographer his works can be found in different cities of the world such as Madrid, Denmark, Sweden and New York. All his work is usually done on a large scale, printed by hand and without being digitized, that is, analogous. The photographs are mounted on Plexiglas and due to their size and bright finish create a sculptural effect on the eye.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to discover the original art pieces of Ola Kolehmainen, who, in addition to being one of the most recognized artists of contemporary art today, is one of the most important figures of the group School of Helsinki.