Curious museums of Barcelona

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Museum of Chocolate. One of the little ones’ favorite museums. The museum is divided in 8 different rooms: shop-coffee shop, the cocoa and the chocolate, chocolate as cultural bridge, art and creation, bakery and chocolate, audiovisuals, machinery and the Barcelona room. The museum is promoted by the Provincial Guild of Bakers of Barcelona with the aim of teaching the society the benefits of chocolate.

Museum of the Perfume. This is probably one of the most unknown museums of Barcelona, and this is because its presence is often misplaced because it’s located in the interior of the perfumery Regia in Paseo de Gràcia. It was founded in 1961 by the renowned Ramón Planas. This museum has the aim of showing the evolution of the perfume bottles, from their use by ancient cultures to our days, and to show us the history of  perfumery.

Wax Museum. A few steps away from Las Ramblas, in a building of neoclassic architecture, is located one of the most showy museums of the city. Enrique Alarcón, architect and scenographer, was the one in charge of designing and boost the wax museum and he chose this building because of the possibility of creating a mysterious atmosphere. It has several rooms full of characters both from nowadays and historical, related to the arts, culture, music, movie industry, literature and more.

Complete you visit to Barcelona with these museums, something different and entertaining that will make your stay in the city a unique and unforgettable experience. In other occasion Hotel Omm, luxury hotel in Barcelona, will tell you about other smalls museums that you can’t miss. Happy stay!