Sophie Calle Exposition


This exposition is a wide retrospective of the French artist that goes through her work from the mid 80’s to nowadays. In Sophie’s experiences along those four decades, are written her relationship with others and with herself; her intention of building the look and building herself, always making her works in first person and searching the beauty and the art in its different forms.

The exposition is structured in two parts; first the projects in which the artists is related to others, with the outside, always looking for the construction of that look. Her eagerness of discovering something different takes her to remember what is no longer present, where she defines the identity. In the second part of the exposition are presented the artist’s projects developed around the relationship between the truth in the personal narrative and the fiction.

If you are an art passionate you can’t miss thi8s exposition that closes with a room occupied by Sophie, with the objects that are part of the building  of the artist, with her way of living love, her wishes and her way of relating to others and art. Omm Hotel & Spa 5* Barcelona encourages you to visit the Virreina Center of Image until Jun 7th and enjoy this exposition so personal and revealing.