Spaciomm renews its treatments!

Hotel Omm

Good news! At Hotel Omm’s Spaciomm, we have brand new massages and beauty rituals to prepare the skin, body and mind for the good summer weather. Our renewed menu offers several treatments specially designed to achieve a total well-being by working on balance, rejuvenation, vitality, relaxation and… sensations.

Are you looking forward to running away to the beach, bare feet and white sand, salt-scented sunsets? Or would you rather go on an adventure, travel to exotic places such as the ancient Turkish baths of Istanbul or southern India and enjoy an Oriental experience? If so, try our Rituals of the World –Mediterranean Five Senses, Turkish Delicacies and two Ayurvedic rituals –to purify the body and relax the mind  through a range of different aromas and textures, moisturizing and taking care of the skin while inviting you to travel through different cultures and traditions.

Influences from far away are also present in our new massages, unique sensory experiences brought from China, India, Japan, Thailand… In particular, two new incorporations stand out for their originality: the Abhyangam and the Synchronized with four hands treatments, both performed by two therapists. The first one is a corporal massage inspired by traditional Indian medicine and based on essences and oils chosen according to the status of each dosha or personality. On the other hand, the second one generates a deep state of relaxation that benefits the mind through the simultaneous and symmetrical stimulation of the nervous and muscular systems.

These two massages are offered together with the classics of Spaciomm: the relaxation and aromatherapy massage, the reflexology, the Shiatsu, the Tui-na, the Nuad Bo Rarn, the descontracturant and therapeutic and the Ayurvedic treatment.

With this new menu of exquisite massages and rituals, your wellness and health center in Paseo de Gracia invites you to prepare the skin and awaken the energy of your body, all ready for June! Furthermore, the promotion of this month is inspired by the magic of summer, those long days and evenings full of confidences… During this June, from Monday to Friday, enjoy a circuit “My sweet feeling” of 85 minutes to stretch your joints and get that old feeling back of being a child about to start the summer holidays!