Swab Art Fair

Art, Barcelona

Founded in 2006 by initiative of an art collector, this contemporary art fair has the purpose of breaking the elitist boundaries surrounding nowadays-contemporary art. This is why its founder based his idea of creating this art fair to show to the public a more realistic point of view of art, a perspective from the final buyer’s point of view. It’s an opportunity to make contemporary art accessible to all public.

The opportunity of their lives

For emerging artists who are starting their careers is very difficult to start presenting their work at art exhibitions, this is why one of the principal goals of the Swab it’s to help them display all the work they have done. New artist need a little push into the contemporary art world and that is precisely what the Swab is doing for them. Take as an example the case of the author of the picture we used as cover in this post, the photo shows the art piece called Golden Snake, by Max Gärtner. Max is an emerging artist and he will be presenting his work this year at the Swab, represented by Víctor Lope Gallery at stand number 14. However, the Swab is not based only in helping the artists, but it’s also trying to help other art galleries around the world. Attending to this art fair is an excellent opportunity to get a head up on what new with contemporary art, because this is a changing and innovative world. Furthermore, thanks to the splendid location of the fair’s edition this year at Montjuïc, after you are finish with the art fair, you can take a walk to visit the Mies van der Rohe Fundation, Miró Fundation and Caixaforum. Is an excellent opportunity to spend a wonderful day, with plenty of cultural and touristic activities.

This year the Swab counts with the participation of 75 art galleries and new-curated programs as are In/Out, Focus Magreb or Cross-Bounders, plus others already consolidated programs like Solo Swab (Bank Sabadell Fundation), Drawing Applications and MYFAF. Among the internacional art galleries invited to the Swab, they will be welcoming Art and Ars Gallery (Italia), SGR Gallery (Colombia), Pabellón 4 (Argentina), Ena Contemporary Art Gallery (Grecia), Trema Arte Contemporánea (Portugal) and Krokin Gallery (Rusia).

To close with a flourish, we have the pleasure of hosting the closure party of the Swab this Saturday at our luxury hotel in Barcelona, where we be receiving these incredible artists so they can have a blast with our setting and the best service offer by our staff.

Do not miss this event where you can discover the amazing creativity of these talented artists participating at the Swab Art Fair.