Discover Tragaluz’s gastronomy with a special tasting menu!


We advanced it last Friday: March 8 is a date to be noted on the calendar. This Thursday, many, many things will happen with the start of the gastronomic festival Passeig de Gourmets in the center of Barcelona… For instance, Tragaluz restaurant will launch a special tasting menu for the occasion! With the idea of spreading its gastronomy based on Mediterranean and local products, bringing it closer to all publics, this menu will be available during the days of the festival.

From the 8 to the 18th of March, Tragaluz will offer a selection of dishes, with light options and some perfect to share, for the special price of 40€ (by prior reservation). The menu will vary in order to guarantee the highest quality and freshness of all products, becoming the perfect excuse to captivate those who still don’t know the restaurant as well as all of those who are already loyal diners, surprising them with new and exquisite suggestions.

Furthermore, at a space like no other in Barcelona. With a warm, relaxed and comfortable ambience, Tragaluz conveys the feeling of being outdoors, at plein air. A spectacular skylight fills the central room of the restaurant with natural light, so that the people inside can have lunch or dinner under the sky. At the same time, the open kitchen placed in the middle of the room turns any diner into a direct spectator of everything that is going on behind the stoves.

Tragaluz is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and charming places in the city. It has an inimitable gastronomy based on traditional and modern cuisine with traditional recipes which are always open to a touch of reinvention.

Make the most out of this Passeig de Gourmets festival and discover it! You can book your table with this special tasting menu in Tragaluz by calling the restaurant: +34 934 870 621.

Also, we remind you that during the 10 days of Passeig de Gourmets you can also participate in the festival’s Platillos route. Enjoy an exceptional crispy squid sandwich in Roca Bar as well as the cheesy Buthan potatoes in Mordisco for 7€… drink included!