“Our rooftop terrace is vitality, the rythm of Barcelona that vibrates”

Gastronomy, Hotel Omm

Autumn is just around the corner… so what? It’s still sunny outside and we’re still full of energy to share and create moments at our rooftop terrace. Its day manager for the last three years, Alejandro Puig, reveals what is that makes our terrace in Paseo de Gracia so special and unique in Barcelona.

Without overthinking, spontaneously, what do you enjoy most of being at the rooftop terrace?

The views! They’re incredible. And the atmosphere, more casual and relaxed. The client, even if he or she is in the city for work, comes to our terrace to relax and that’s precisely what we try to convey, a feeling of serenity and positive energy. I also love the opportunity to talk to other people from all over the world, tell them about your city and hear what they have to say about theirs, get to know their culture and learn something new almost every day.

What makes us different from the rest of the terraces in the city? 

The location, undoubtedly. From here we have privileged views to the Casa Milá. There’s also the live music and, of course, the food and the tapas from the Roca Bar, our informal restaurant supervised by the Roca brothers. We’re basically much more than just another hotel with a terrace in Barcelona…

And what is it that surprises our clients most?

Besides what I’ve already said, our clients like the decoration very much –all of the interior design of the hotel was done by Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López –and how every detail and every corner have been carefully taken care of: the flowers, the natural wood… But, above all, our clients love to sit our swimming pool and enjoy Gaudi’s architecture with a glass of cava and without the cues and the amount of tourists that can be found on the street.

You’ve commented on the possibility of eating from the Roca Bar at the terrace… what dish is the most popular among our clients?

People order tandoori chicken a lot. The smoked marinated wild salmon dices and the smoked steak tartar are also very popular.

And the most successful drink?

The mojito! A classic. And the different types of mojito that we do, especially the Champagne Mojito. Our natural freshly squeezed juices are also a success.

Is it the same to spend a day or an evening at our terrace?

Not quite. At daytime, the terrace is an exclusive place for our in-house guests where they can sunbath, enjoy a drink or have a relaxing lunch overlooking the city. In the evenings, during the summer our rooftop becomes a meeting point in Barcelona. It is nearly always full, there’s live music and a really pleasant atmosphere.

We imagine that after so many years, you’ve come along many anecdotes and experiences…

Buff, too many! I would probably highlight the fact that I’ve served many artists, singers, elite athletes and other childhood idols and that they’ve left the hotel happy and very satisfied. You know that they’ve been comfortable here and that is, in the end, what we like to do and how we hope our costumers feel when coming to a Grupo Tragaluz business.

Last but not least, how would you synthesis the essence of the Omm terrace?

It is vitality, the rhythm and pulse of a city that vibrates a reflection and a window to Barcelona. It is amusing and, at the same, a place where to find a moment of peace.

Just then a client enters. She looks a bit disoriented, studying and admiring the space with open eyes. Alejandro approaches her with a wide smile: “Good morning! Please, feel at home”. And she returns the smile, sincerely.