Thank you, Rosa

Hotel Omm

Thank you, Rosa. For these fifteen years together. For building a hotel that was your home and making this team, a family. For bringing the Roca Brothers to Barcelona. For asking more thant 100 artists to draw a plate for Roca Moo. For trying endless croissant recipes until you reached the perfect one. For creating a place that was the office of half Barcelona and the beginning of countless love stories. For illuminating every corner with natural light. For turning this hotel into an iconic meeting point in the city. For the famous people that have passed through here and have become friends. For taking care of every detail and being the perfect hostess for everyone.

Thank you Rosa, for Hotel Omm.

31 July 31, 2018.


(Tomorrow, August 1, the Omm will transfer its management to Europe Hotels Private Collection, starting a new and exciting cycle).