The 23rd of April, the day of the Book and the Rose


Also on this day, the death of two great masters of literature, Cervantes M. and W. Shakespeare is commemorated, is why there is the tradition of giving a book and it is customary for the Sant Jordi’s day that women give a book to her and men love them a rose.

The Barcelona’s streets become makeshift bookshops and florists. The celebration could not be simpler: the ritual is to walk, buy a rose, a book or both, to give to loved ones, family and friends. Although is not a festive day, Sant Jordi and the obligatory tour will fill the streets and squares turning the day into a singular national holiday celebrated on a weekday.

In our luxury hotel, Hotel Omm, we want to join this day the tradition of giving away a book and a rose to all who come to eat at any restaurant of our hotel’s gastronomic Roca Moo or Roca Bar and also two of the restaurants on Tragaluz Group: Tragaluz and Mordisco.

I hope see you! Happy St. Jordi’s day!