The 31st edition of Hipermerc’art comes to Paseo de Gracia


Hipermerc’art 2014 brings small size paintings and sculptures to art lovers and buyers. The goal, as the organizers marked since the first edition, is offering a global sight of art creation, both national and international. Supporting young artists and spreading their works is another key element in Hipermerc’art.

This year, the exhibition focuses in new Asian artists. That’s why you will find works by Korean artists Artnom, Delos, Choe Hyun Joo, Charles Jang, Hye Young Yu and the Japanese artists Satoco, Shozo Somekawa and Takast. With them, a fine selection of Spanish painters and sculptors.

Hipermerc’art 2014 is at Sala Vinçon, so close to our Paseo de Gracia hotel. You can visit the exhibition for free until January 5, from Monday to Friday (10:00 – 20:30), and Saturdays (10:30 – 21:00).