The art of Barcelona photography in La Virreina


Barcelona is known international because a lot of things. Its patrimony, gastronomy and all the leisure activities that make Barcelona an ideal city to spend vacations. Range of hotels makes it easy to come for everybody and from our luxury hotel in Paseo de Gracia we recommend those who haven’t come yet, to visit us because then, you will find the truly lovely and amazing city of Barcelona.

Barcelona is also important, besides all the things said before, because its art and design. If there’s a place that has great contemporary paintings, that’s La Virreina and in its last exposition, they will show us the culture of Barcelona through a photography gallery. “A golpe de ojo”, the name of the exposition, wants to show all the visual culture of the Catalan city. With this exposition, they want to show us that is possible to talk about a visual identity of Barcelona thanks to artist’s work.

Composed by thematic blocks, through all the exposition you will be able to see known photographers but also a new generations of photographers that have a great techniques and styles. You could see international photographers but also those ones that are in charge of showing the daily day of this city. There are also different kinds of photography: analogical, digital, file collages and diaporamas, a truly expositions for photography lovers. So if you want to take a break while you’re walking in the Ramblas, from our Barcelona five stars hotel, we recommend you this exposition. Free entrance and opened from 12h to 20h and from Tuesday to Sunday until 16th of March.