The biggest street festival in Barcelona


This festival is about Catalan traditions, like giants, castellers (human castle building) and correfocs (Catalan traditional fire-runs), but most of all it’s a shining example of community spirit. It is authentic, fun, joyous, colourful festive and definitely worths a visit! From the luxurious hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Omm, we have prepared a selection of the biggest events of the ‘Festa Major de Gràcia 2014’.

It never hurts to see the beginning of a festival, that moment awaited for so long. This Thursday, at 6.15pm, in Plaça de la Vila, the opening speech will be read, preceded by the tabals and graells sounds, at the same square. For the early-risers, there will be the initial fireworks at 8am on Friday. On Sunday at 12pm, you will have the chance to see the Diada Castellera, with performances from different human castle groups from different parts of Catalonia.

As busy as it is in the day, the night is when things really get going with live music on almost every corner. These are the suggestions from Hotel Omm: S’temple Bar (Friday 15, 6pm, Puigmartí Street), Blackcelona-Rovira Experience 2.0 (Saturday 16, 11pm, Rovira Square) and M-M and Joan Dausà (Wednesday 20, 11:30pm, Sol Square). Finally, when it comes to the most fun and original activities, we recommend the bizarre projection with popcorn of Rocky Horror Picture Show (Monday 18, 9:30pm, Mozart Street) and the Speed Dating (Wednesday 20, 8pm, Sant Antoni Street).

In terms of size, entertainment and all round effort, nothing beats Gràcia. From our hotel in Passeig de Gràcia, we recommend consider moving to Gràcia at least one day and one night. It will be very useful if you have a map and a timetable with all the activities. However, get lost around the decorated street without knowing what will you find turning the corner is not a bad idea at all.