The Cure in concert

Barcelona, Music

Boys don’t cry

Formed in 1976, The Cure originally did not have this iconic name, at the beginning its name was Easy Cure, but it was not long before this name was change to The Cure. Who has not dance to the rhythm of Friday I’m in love? Or felt a bit nostalgic listening to the spectacular lyrics of Pictures of you?; these are just some of the most popular songs of  The Cure, songs that made them won the love and loyalty of its fans worldwide. Other great songs are Boys do not cry, Lullaby and Lovesong. They count with 15 studio albums, Disintegration (1989) being considerate their best work one that gave The Cure fame and success.

Although over the years the formation of the band has been changing, its leader and vocalist Robert Smith continues to maintain as front man of the band, same with its iconic Gothic look. Smith has always tried not include the band into only one genre of rock; at an interview Smith spoke of how he considers that The Cure cannot be a band to categorize in a single musical genre because with the years have been exploring, experimenting and evolving several genres from post-punk, alternative rock and British new wave.

Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable concert with the music of The Cure, a band that undoubtedly represents the talent of British musical culture. From our luxury hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to visit the official website of Palau Sant Jordi to obtain more information about the event.