The Lobby of the Omm – Barcelona´s meeting point

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

Because in this little corner of Barcelona, from Thursday to Saturday each week, from 8pm, the lobby hosts live music, allowing the magic to float across the room beneath the skylights that mark their own signature on the interior design.

The musicians that perform create a unique atmosphere that captures the room. For this reason, many people come to the Omm to see them play live. They are five-star artists, and their intimate shows are a local luxury, just like our hotel.

In the lobby we like to welcome a diverse crowd, of local and international visitors, whether it’s to enjoy the music or to sample one of the cocktails on our menu (from classic Dry Martinis and Bloody Marys to house specials, such as the Ginger Fresh, with gin, ginger, lime and sugar).

It’s also a great place to hold an informal work meeting; we often see people working on their laptops, enjoying a few minutes of semi-relaxing or holding professional meetings.

If the lobby of the Omm has something, it’s the ability to make anybody feel comfortable, as if they’re in their own homes. There are books available for visitors, which they can read on the sofa right by the fireplace.