The musical theatre Mamma Mia again in Barcelona

Hotel Omm

Mamma Mia, the true musical phenomenon that will gain your heart

Barcelona is the chosen city to enjoy the so awaited return of a true international hymn as Mamma Mia’s songs are. The musical theatre comes back again to make you jump from your sit. This world phenomenon keeps on astonish all the spectators with the songs that do not allow you to stay cold to the beat. Which is the goal? Enjoy, laugh, dance and sing the melody of a time that never seems to get old until the last breath of air.

From the very first moment when the curtain arises, the show is granted. The audience will live a Love story, and above all, a story of humour that will fill the theatre of smiles. Sophie, the protagonist of the story, is just a few days before the biggest event of his life: his wedding. A confusing past will determine the course of the plot of the story. Sophie wants her father to accompany her to the altar on her wedding day, but how to find him? Three handsome candidates to be the father of the year passed through the life of his mother, Donna, 20 years ago. Will Sophie recognize his real father to accompany her to the altar? A story that will make you the authentic Dancing Queen of the theatre!

The spectator becomes the faithful companion of the plot in the musical theatre. From the first sounds of I had a dream to the joyful symphony Mamma mia, that not only names the cultural phenomenon but it has reached all corners of the world with its melody. Like any theatrical plot, it is not everything about joy; The Winner Takes It All and Slipping Through My Fingers become musical pieces whose beauty lies in the tenderness of the message. There is no doubt that this is a unique experience that we are all lucky to live at the Tivoli Theatre from November 26th.

The musical culture is part of the identity of the people, so Hotel Omm recommends you not to miss this international experience. The musical Mamma Mia claims it loudly: Take a chance on me!