The Omm Terrace moments III

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

Afterwork moment

It would be a sin to stay at home after work during the summer. The Omm Terrace is the perfect place to meet with your colleagues after a busy day and to let the fresh air of the rooftop clear your mind and cheer your spirit. A relaxed atmosphere, mixed clientele, an evocative soundtrack and an all-round good feeling.

Seductive moment

┬┐Where to take your new Tinder match? How to celebrate your first wedding anniversary? If you are aiming to impress your partner, present or future, the Omm Terrace might just be your best ally. A cool setting, natural wood decor, the freshness of olive trees and other greenery, the lovely swimming pool, chic furniture, excellent views, all in all, the ideal environment to seduce all the senses. The stage is set, the rest is up to you.